Our Philosophy

As architects and designers, we have a deep commitment to the environment and the uniqueness of location. We work to create designs that reflect the value of nature and sensitivity to context. We have an open and exploratory design process in which we seek to understand and delineate your design query to craft coveted results.

As builders, we’re committed to craft, materiality, and attention to detail. We view construction as an extension to, and integral part of, the design process. We believe great work depends on the continuity of design concepts and real-world execution.

“Trade design build was founded on the idea of exchange. Our work focuses on interchange between designer and craftsman, between concept and detail, and between idea and material to build deep and layered solutions.”

Our Markets

We are open to working with any client in any field, but we specialize in three main spheres. We’re passionate about working with hospitality clients and love the challenge of designing and executing restaurants, bars, wineries, breweries, and boutique hotels. We’ve found an exciting niche in the commercial office market and enjoy translating our clients’ brands and identities into built spaces. Finally, we love delivering contemporary homes to our new-build residential clients.

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Typical Process


Goals and Vision


Feasibility Study


Concept Design


Permit Drawings