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Fall Creek Renovation

Fall Creek Renovation

Serving as both Architect and General Contractor, Trade Design Build completed this upgrade of a severely compromised existing home in downtown Ithaca. Our team evaluated the existing structure, reorganized the layout and modernized much of the existing spaces, while maintaining the historic character of the home and the surrounding Fall Creek neighborhood.

The project included a broad scope of work and great attention to the existing condition of the home including insulating and residing the home, fixing the front porch, adding a rear deck and installing replacement windows throughout. Structurally, the project included shoring the existing floors and roof as well as a roof replacement. On the interior most of the floors were upgraded, bedrooms were resized to meet modern needs and two new bathrooms—and a small custom kitchen—were added to the home. 

Our team was excited for the opportunity to breathe new life into a solid old home, reduce the environmental impacts by reclaiming and repurposing an already beautiful space, and be part of this incredible transformation.

  • Client Homeowner
  • Date 2020
  • Location 121 West State Street, Ithaca NY 14850