Our Process

At Trade Design Build we understand that Construction is as much about the process as it is about the end result. Our team of qualified project managers works tirelessly to make this complex process as painless as possible for our clients, employees and partners, which ultimately leads to quality at completion and lasting relationships with clients. We take a team oriented approach, collecting and managing input from all parties involved to deliver the highest quality product. Our construction team also has significant input on the design process, reviewing projects for constructability, systems design and estimating.

While our primary service is project management, we have a dedicated team of carpenters that bring reality to our design vision. Our multi-talented team has experience with general carpentry including building and interior framing, sheathing, window and door installation and siding. Our team really shines though when it comes to the details. We specialize in finishing and custom woodwork that really makes a project shine. Our construction process is typically broken into five main phases, Pre-Construction, Earthwork & Foundations, Framing & Dry In, Systems Rough In and Finishing.


Our construction team is involved in a significant amount of pre-construction work, collaborating with the design team to review projects for constructability and detailing. Our team will also assist in reviewing design projects with preferred subcontractors for input on systems design and other specialities. Finally our team is heavily involved with project budgeting and estimating from the feasibility stage through, concept to our final bidding.

  •  Constructability review & detailing
  •  Material takeoffs, subcontractor quoting and estimating
  •  Detailed MEP system design w/ subcontractors
  •  Final finish, fixture and equipment selections

Earthwork & Foundations

Our team typically subcontracts and oversees the earthwork and foundation phase of our projects. We will coordinate tree cutting, site clearing, building excavation, and site improvements like wells, septic systems and driveways. Once this is complete will move on to foundations, typically installing poured concrete foundations for the their longevity and durability. We have a large network of subcontractors and specialists that we rely get our projects out of the ground. This can often be a challenging phase where additional costs can be incurred because of unknowns below grade.

  •  Tree cutting, site clearing, excavation, grading
  •  Wells, septic systems, driveways
  •  Building foundations
  •  Site and building drainage systems

Framing & Dry In

This phase is often an exciting one for clients. Here our team of carpenters will frame out floors, walls and roofs, and sheath our structures, at which point spaces become real. In this stage we’ll also install exterior windows and doors, side the structure, and coordinate installation of the roof by a qualified subcontractor. At times we’ll subcontract this phase as well depending on the availability of our team.

  • Floor, wall, & roof framing and sheathing
  •  Roof and gutter installation
  •  Window and exterior door installation
  •  Siding, soffits and exterior trim

Systems Rough In

Once the exterior shell is complete and interior space “dry” we can begin installation of building systems. Our dedicated team of project managers oversees a group of our preferred, licensed subcontractors who specialize in the installation of HVAC systems, Electrical panels, and branch wire for power, lights and switches, and finally plumbing systems, including water pumps, storage tanks, heaters, plumbing supply lines, and sanitary waste lines.

  •  Heating and cooling system installation including equipment and ductwork
  •  Electrical panel, and branch wiring for power, lighting and switches
  •  Plumbing equipment, water supply lines, and sanitary waste lines
  •  Misc equipment, including bath fans, natural gas if required, and data wiring


Once systems are installed our team of carpenters and additional subcontractors return to complete the project. At this stage we’ll insulate the structure, hang, tape and finish sheetrock and get an initial coat of paint on walls and ceilings. Interior doors are installed and the spaces are trimed out. Finally our team goes through and installs kitchen cabinetry, counters, vanities, light fixtures and final plumber fixtures. We then lean our site subcontractors for the initial phase to return for final grading, planting of grass and landscaping.

  •  Insulation, Drywall and Painting
  •  Interior Doors, Trim & Custom Construction
  •  Casework & Counter Installation
  •  Final equipment, fixture and finish installation
  •  Final grading, seeding and landscaping